“Querida Joaninha,” 

Querida Joaninha,

Writer/Directors:  Zair Silva

Starring:  Lizandra Gomes and Simony Antunes

Genre:  Drama

A strong, independent, career oriented young woman, Joaninha is on the rise until she finds out that she has breast cancer. Her strength and courage are put to the test as she goes through chemotherapy; as her condition worsens, so does her attitude. She loses all hope until she's reacquainted with a childhood friend and love interest, Lucinda.

Lucinda is unhappily married to a good man, living her mothers' lie. Lucinda's mother, Mama, forbade her from seeing Joaninha after suspecting that their relationship was becoming more than an innocent friendship. Mama force feeds Lucinda her religious views and traditional customs until she becomes nothing more than a puppet. Joaninha and Lucinda find hope in each other as they rekindle their "friendship".


Together they attempt to cut the puppet strings rooted in Lucinda's head.

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